In September 2012, the Indian broadcaster Star India filed cases in the Delhi high court against Cricbuzz, On-Mobile and Idea Cellular, adding the BCCI as a party. Their contention was that these entities couldn’t monetise cricket scores without buying the right to the information from Star, which had bought ‘mobile activation rights’ from the BCCI. The case is being contested in court.

Meanwhile, Sony, which had the rights to the India tour of New Zealand, got an ex-parte stay from the Delhi High Court in late January 2014 on Cricinfo, Cricbuzz and RadioOne giving live updates of scores. These sites, and a few others, then had to resort to providing scores and updates with a 15-minute lag.

Unlike in the earlier dispute, where Star was questioning the monetization of what it saw as its property, here the objection was even to free dissemination of scores.

Ball-by-ball commentary and live score updates are services unique to the very rhythm and flow of cricket. They are the lifeblood for the cricket fan without access to a live television feed during a match.

This blog is a resistance on behalf of all of us – the fans of cricket. It will attempt to chronicle the developments of this case as they unfold. At stake is not merely the future of ball-by-ball updates, but the flow of news and information, and the freedom of choice.


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