“The Indian T20 League”, and the story continues…

You might have noticed that ESPNcricinfo is branding the IPL as “The Indian T20 League”. If you were slightly, surprised, don’t be. It is the continuation of the same saga, as on behalf of BCCI a legal notice regarding the proprietary content of IPL 2014 was sent out to media organizations on April 15th. The notice restricted what is published and distributed on the Internet. As always, Medianama, has the story covered. The relevant portion of the notice that defines “Proprietary Content” is the following:

Proprietary Content definition

– for “publish, provide or disseminate for a charge, fee or other premium, to profit in any other way (including through advertising) from or to otherwise sell or license to any person or entity”, IPL Proprietary Content is:

“ball-by-ball or other score or incident updates or alerts within 15 minutes from the moment that such updates or alerts have been broadcast by the Pepsi IPL official broadcaster; or – live or near-live match scorecards or match score feeds of any nature.”

Read on at Medianama for full coverage of the legal notice. At what point will “non-profit” organizations like BCCI stop or will they take full ownership of every aspect of the sport?


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