An online petition to save the live scorecard

If you agree with the thoughts in this blog, please sign the online petition on We might be able to generate enough noise with it to show the courts how much the live scorecard matters to us.

Cricket fans have something unique in the world, Cricinfo. No other sport has anything remotely close – it is the true voice of the fan.

Even though it is now ESPNCricinfo, Cricinfo from all accounts has editorial independence and always speaks for the fan. It gives a fair airing to all sides of issues – just in the past few days, Cricinfo has aired completely different perspectives on the Kevin Pietersen issue. While being hugely critical of the position paper that recommends changes in the world cricket structure, in the interest of fairness Cricinfo carried an interview explaining the perspective of the big-3. Such examples are replete through Cricinfo’s history.

Recently Cricinfo celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary, and scores of articles in the celebration page show how much Cricinfo is loved around the world, by fans and players alike. The growth and popularity of Cricinfo is intimately tied to the live scorecard, and it is no accident that Cricinfo launched the 20 year celebration with the story behind the live scorecard.

Now because of an absurd ruling of the Delhi high court, the live scorecard is under threat. If the ruling is allowed to stay, it is a slippery slope that will let corporations buy Internet rights for any “event”, and prevent a free flow of information and data. Cricinfo has never in it’s history charged fans for the live coverage – not on the web, not on any apps. It is a service that is provided to the fans free of charge. Nor has it, to my knowledge, ever prevented any rival site from providing a live scorecard service.

The Times of India has a very good article explaining the issue.

Please join me in protesting this absurd ruling, and urging the Supreme Court of India to dismiss the case. The issues go beyond the live scorecards that we see on Cricinfo, Cricbuzz and other sites – but the near term objective is the interests of us cricket fans.

If you agree with the thoughts above, please sign the online petition on We might be able to generate enough noise with it to show the courts how much the live scorecard matters to us.

Disclaimer: I am not involved with the ESPNCricinfo management in any way. I was involved in the early days of Cricinfo and I remain a fan.


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