“BCCI doesn’t own the game”

“Nobody owns the game. The BCCI presumes it does, but it doesn’t. To the best of my knowledge the BCCI is a non-profit organization, which was given the mandate to run the game in the interest of the public — not to gift-wrap it and sell it to the Wal-Marts of the world. There has to be some limit to their greed. They sell the rights, and then bombard the broadcast with ads. All of which the fans tolerate. But to deny them updates on one ball or a run is a bit much.” – Prem Panicker, managing editor at Yahoo India.

Cricket wasn’t always run by the BCCI. Back in 1993, when India did not figure in cricket’s power equations, a small but significant revolution began on the internet, which itself was in its infancy. I was one of the early contributors to that movement. Today that revolution has become synonymous with cricket itself – we know it as Cricinfo.  

Cricinfo pioneered ball-by-ball commentary, a service unique to the very rhythm and flow of cricket. It’s the lifeblood for the cricket fan without access to a live television feed during a match. But now, broadcasters backed by a powerful cricket board have gone to the courts in a bid to kill this service.

This blog is a resistance, on behalf of all of us – the fans of cricket.

The case is currently being heard in the Supreme Court of India. This blog will attempt to chronicle the developments as they unfold. At stake is not merely the future of ball-by-ball updates, but the flow of news and information, and freedom of choice.

The Times of India has weighed in with an article explaining the issue. Live Mint has also reported on the matter.

I have blogged on the subject here, and kicked off an online campaign in support of the live scorecard. Show your support by signing the petition here. We might be able to generate enough noise with it to show the courts how much the live scorecard matters to us.

Your role, however, doesn’t end with this petition. How far this resistance goes will ultimately depend on you, the passionate cricket fan. Share this blog on Facebook and Twitter. Blog about it. Email your friends. Let them know what’s going on. Be heard.

Save the live scorecard. It doesn’t belong to boards and broadcasters. It belongs to you.


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